CNS Supervision

Ford Wellness’s Nutrition Pro Prep program provides CNS-approved supervision for practice experience. It is specifically designed to prepare graduates of functional medicine-oriented nutrition sciences master’s or doctorate level programs to pursue board certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). Our mentoring program aligns directly with the requirements outlined by the American Nutrition Association.

There are two options for mentoring:

Option 1: Working as a Clinical Nutrition Intern at Ford Wellness

If you live in Maryland and are interested in mentorship but don’t currently have a client base, this program option is best suited for you.  

As a clinical nutrition intern, you will have direct contact with patients and clients of Ford Wellness via:

  • Observation of & Assistance with Virtual and/or In-Person Medical Nutrition Therapy Appointments 
  • Conducting Virtual 1-1 and Group Nutrition Education Appointments
  • Online Text Coaching
  • Meal planning

You will also gain tons of experience with

  • Charting and record keeping
  • Laboratory assessments
  • Nutrient-Herb-Drug interactions
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Exercise prescriptions
  • HIPAA compliance
  • A variety of patient diagnoses, demographics, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, food preferences, and mental health conditions

As a member of the Nutrition Pro Prep program, interns receive:

  • Monthly 1-1 virtual session via Zoom to review cases and discuss clinical care
  • Up to 2 clinical rounds sessions
  • Up to 2 professional workshops 
  • Professional liability coverage 
  • A Maryland licensed dietitian-nutritionist with a functional medicine background to oversee your clinical work and provide guidance and feedback 

Option 2: Working as an Independent Graduate

Independent mentorship is the best choice if you already have a client base and/or you live outside of Maryland.  As an independent graduate, you work with your own clients and set your own schedule.  

As a member of the Nutrition Pro Prep program, graduates receive:

  • Monthly 1-1 virtual session via Zoom to review cases and discuss clinical care
  • Up to 2 clinical rounds sessions
  • Up to 2 professional workshops 

Requirements for Registration

  • Transcripts confirming degree conferral from an accredited Masters’s or Doctorate-level nutrition sciences program (exceptions will be made for students enrolled in their last program semester)
  • Proficiency in functional medicine principles
  • Independent graduates only – proof of current professional liability insurance

Program Requirements [all requirements count towards hours]

  • Attend one 1-1 session with the mentor monthly
  • Attend one group session monthly
  • Design and facilitate one group training session per 16-week period 
  • Keep accurate records and documentation of work performed

Program Costs

16-week term – $500 (average of $31.25/week)

24-week term – $700 (average of $29.17/week)

40-week term – $1100 (average of $27.50/week)

*payment plans are available upon request

Nutrition Pro Prep – Program Coordinator

Dr. Jonene Ford (Dr. Jo) is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, a Maryland Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist, and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.  She is also an authorized CNS supervisor.  Dr. Jo has over 20 years of experience in nutrition, having served her community as a nutrition educator and clinical nutritionist.  Dr. Jo went into private practice in 2017 and sees patients and clients both virtually and in person at her office in Rockville, Maryland.

Things to Know

  • All registrants must check with their state laws governing nutrition practice to determine licensing and practice requirements BEFORE entering the program.  We cannot guarantee or determine whether our program meets individual graduates’ state health department requirements.  
  • While we only require our independent graduates to purchase professional liability insurance, we encourage ALL Nutrition Pro Prep members to purchase their own policies as an added layer of protection.
  • As of 2022, the ANA requires candidates to complete at least 1,000 hours of supervised practice experience.  Since the registrant directs their own program pacing, we cannot make a guarantee for how many hours they will be able to complete by the end of the program term.   Additionally, completing those hours does not guarantee that the supervisor will provide a favorable recommendation.
  • There are no refunds after registration.  If, for some reason, the registrant temporarily cannot participate in mentorship (i.e., due to illness, personal hardship, etc.), we will pause membership until the registrant can resume.